Disease – Introduction

Disease can seem to be a constant struggle between who we want to be, what we want to do, how we want to live and what our bodies will allow.

Disease: Part of our Human Experience

I have witnessed some of the many ways that disease can interrupt, complicate and overrun our lives.  Moreover, in worst case scenarios, disease can cause painful complications and sometimes cut lives short.  While we are alive I believe that disease affects us all, either directly or indirectly; it is my opinion that no one is completely immune from the impact of disease.

This is a personal quest for information and my attempt to deal with and have a better understanding of a topic that affects all of us in some way.  What is disease?  How do we treat it?  Can we, and if so, how do we stop it?  How do we handle a diagnosis of disease and how can we help others who are dealing with the consequences of a difficult diagnosis?

A Place To Start

For this website, I am beginning with the diseases I have personal experience with, including cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and autoimmune disease.  My desire for the future is to include discussions of other diseases as well.

If you are dealing with disease in your life, please know that you are not alone.  You might consider asking your doctor for information about the currently available resources and local support groups for people with your disease.

The Kindness Of Others

Over the years, several people dear to me have received a diagnosis of cancer.  While I will not discuss all of them, one of the people that I will share with you was my mother.  During her illness, I was deeply moved by the selfless actions of others.


Fortunately, my mother had the support of family, relatives, friends, neighbors and a number of very wonderful people from the church she attended.  My mother faced formidable difficulties and painful,  life changing obstacles throughout her struggle with cancer.  However, I cannot begin to imagine how much more difficult it would have been without the help and support of family and friends.

One of the most amazing and profoundly moving things I have witnessed is all the ways that people reached out to help my mom after she was diagnosed.  Every big or small gesture was equally amazing to me and I am forever grateful for all the ways that people were there for her.  In this situation, I discovered that you don’t have to solve every problem or give all of your time, money or other resources to help someone.  Even the simplest things like going to the store to pick up a few groceries can be an immeasurable help.

“Be The Miracle”

Finally, on a lighter note, I enjoyed the movie, Bruce Almighty, starring Jim Carrey, Morgan Freeman and Jennifer Aniston, among others.

(I promise this will make sense as you continue to read)

The movie, a comedy, was funny to me, however I also thought it made a few simple yet profound statements.  Early in the movie, God gives Bruce his power and responsibilities, but with a stipulation that he cannot interfere with free will.  Towards the end of the movie after ensuing chaos, Jim Carrey’s character, Bruce goes to have a talk with Morgan Freeman’s character, God.

Bruce selfishly loved having God’s power to satisfy his own desires, but strongly disliked the responsibility of listening to and dealing with everyone’s prayers.  Frustrated by everybody’s constant and seemingly needy prayers, Bruce decided to give everyone on earth a miracle by giving everyone exactly what they want, all at the same time.  Subsequently, Bruce managed to get himself and most everybody else in the world in a lot of trouble.  So he desperately asks God what to do.  I really love Morgan Freeman’s response about miracles, shown below.

God:  A single mom who’s working two jobs, and still finds time to take her kid to soccer practice, that’s a miracle. A teenager who says “no” to drugs and “yes” to an education, that’s a miracle. People want Me to do everything for them, but what they don’t realize is, they have the power. You want to see a miracle, son? Be the miracle.

Wikiquote.org – Bruce Almighty, a Universal Studios film, 2003
Webpage quoted – here

For Those who Decide to be a Miracle

When disease affected my family and friends, I was very moved by all the people who decided to be a miracle in each situation.  Whether in a small way or a very big way, every good deed or kindness shown was nothing short of a miracle to me.

To all of the people who were quietly there to “be the miracle, thank you so very much.

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