Alzheimer’s Caregiving and Costs

Help With Planning for the Financial Impacts of Dementia

When a spouse, parent or other family member is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease it can be a challenge.  I feel there are two unavoidable realities that families will have to face.  First, there are the challenges of being a caregiver.  Secondly, families need to plan for and deal with the costs of care.

As if the effects of Alzheimer’s and Dementia are not enough to have to deal with, other concerns begin to come into focus.  Families must navigate the new challenges of providing the kind of care necessary for someone with dementia.  Moreover, families also have to try to figure out how to pay for the often, long-term care expenses.

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Sleepless Night, my First Poem – Author’s Comments

Sleepless nights.  Been there, done that.  Not the occasional, normal restlessness that everyone experiences from time to time.  Rather, the relentlessly occurring sleepless nights that can go on for weeks, months and even years.  Grief, anxiety and depression, among other things, all sought to live and grow at my expense.  The circumstances surrounding these unwelcome emotions are personal and subjective, yet very real.

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Multiple Autoimmune Diseases

It’s December, and as this year approaches and end, I extend warm wishes to you.  Also, I wanted to write a brief post about multiple autoimmune diseases.  I was recently diagnosed with my second autoimmune disease and I am very interested to learn more about how this occurs.  I will share my experience and some links concerning the occurrence of multiple autoimmune diseases.

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Cancer and Hope

A Personal Journey

A diagnosis of cancer may feel like waking up on a dangerous, inhospitable island and discovering that you are completely alone.  Alone, that is, except for the very hungry predators that peruse you.  Whether the diagnosis is yours or someone you love, the questions, anxiety and struggle may become overwhelming.

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A Movie, Recently Added on NETFLIX, Illuminates Some of the Challenges of Autoimmune Diseases

Brain On Fire | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Video below from Netflix

The movie, Brain On Fire is based Susannah Cahalan‘s book, Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness.  For anyone who is not familiar with the challenges of diagnosing some autoimmune diseases, I urge you to watch this movie.

What is Wrong With Me?

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What a Great Day

I am Happy to Announce

Something very wonderful happened today.  I am very grateful to say that now:

I officially have and unofficial editor.


I unofficially have an official editor.

Either way, she’s awesome and this is fantastic!

(She did not approve this message, just so you know –  I take full responsibility)