Dr. Sally Cherrington-Beggs Memorial Scholarship

Cancer – Remembering an Amazing Person

Former Chair of the Department of Music and College Organist at Newberry College in SC.

It did not take long after meeting and spending some time with Dr. Sally Cherrington-Beggs to realized what a truly talented, kind and amazing person she was.  Between the years of 2000 through 2010, I had the opportunity and privilege to work with her on several occasions through my “day job”.

There are people in life that accomplish a lot, people who are a powerful force for positive things, inspiring others with their example.  Dr. Sally was that kind of person.  You can read about her here.

Battle With Cancer

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, the diagnosis often brings with it, troubling and challenging emotions and realities.  Not only do we have to deal with the disease itself, often we have to deal with a very real potential for loss.  For example, loss of independence or loss of physical abilities.  Perhaps there are fears of losing the ability to work or take care of your family.  These are just a few of the numerous, possible challenges.  Sometimes unfortunately, there is also the very real fear of not being able to survive your disease.

It was a troubling discovery to find out that Dr. Sally was dealing with cancer years ago.  Additionally, it was very sad to find out that she lost her three-year battle with a rare sinus-brain cancer in March 2012.

A mutual friend stated, “Despite the pain she continued to work as long as she could.”

In Conclusion

Cancer affects so many people, perhaps everyone in one way or another.  I wanted to write this post to acknowledge the privilege of knowing Dr. Sally Cherrington-Beggs, and to recognize the loss of such a talented, inspirational and kind person.  If you are reading this, I would encourage you to learn as much as you can about cancer… to support cancer research however you choose and to be there in whatever capacity you can for any friend or loved one who has been diagnosed with this insidious disease.

There is a link below to the Newberry College website, where Dr. Sally served as Chair of the Department of Music and College Organist.  The link is to the Dr. Sally Cherrington-Beggs Memorial Scholarship.  Please take a look.  There are also links below concerning sinus and brain cancer.  Thank you for reading.

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