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Finding the Words

Writing allows me to find the words I often cannot  find when speaking.  Furthermore, writing allows me to be maddeningly obsessive (a character trait or character flaw, whatever – it drives everyone crazy, including me).
Happily, when I am busy writing, I usually only annoy myself. 🙂


For everything I find profound or wonderful, troubling, disturbing, humorous, happy, sad or whatever the emotion…  I have found a haven through the process of writing.

While I am not sure how to classify all things I have written, I will post some of them here.
Thank you for taking time to look and read.  Clicking directly on the following titles will open each piece in a separate window.

Below some titles there will be a link to my Author’s Comments about that poem.  I would recommend reading the poem first before reading my comments.  These poems can be interpreted subjectively and sometimes differently by different people which is great.  I hope you will discover what each one means to you before you read my comments about inspiration or my personal interpretation.

Some titles are one page only, while others are several pages long.  For the pieces that are more than one page, just scroll down to continue reading.
(These are displayed in PDF format)

Click on the titles shown below to read.

Lost Photograph

For mom and dad…

Sleepless Night – Author’s Comments
The photograph used in Sleepless Night is from Pixabay.

Through Sleeping Trees – Author’s Comments

The photograph used in Through Sleeping Trees is from iStock

The photograph used in My Emergency Bowl is from iStock

Alive – Author’s Comments

The photograph used in Cosmic Epiphanies in Men’s Clothing is from iStock

The photograph used in Unexpected Aftermath is from iStock

The photograph used in Blissful Dreams is from iStock

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