Time Stand Still – Neil Peart 1952 – 2020

Not Looking Back But I Want To Look Around Me Now

You were gone
From all the lives
You left your mark upon
(Afterimage, 1984)

Cancer recently took an amazing person and my favorite drummer, Neil Peart.  Cancer dose not discriminate; it can affect us all.  I’m thankful for the people who have devoted their lives to make progress and further our understanding of this horrible disease.  I am also thankful for the people who are in the trenches right now, working to make a difference and to peruse new treatments and therapies.  I urge everyone to join in the fight against cancer, in any way you choose.

Neil Peart

In my life, cancer has taken family and friends.  Recently, the world learned that cancer had taken the life of the very talented drummer, musician, author and lyricist, Neil Peart.  I just want to pay my respects and acknowledge the tremendous loss.

One of the songs Neil wrote was, “Time Stand Still”.  After his death from glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer, a video was made of this song by the US Army Band,  Pershing’s Own.

“Time Stand Still” was the first track Neil Peart wrote for Hold Your Fire.[2] According to Peart, he wrote the lyrics for “Time Stand Still” based on his time with Rush:

“All through the ’70s our lives were flying by; we spent so much time on the road that it became like a dark tunnel. You start to think about the people you’re neglecting, friends and family. So the song is about stopping to enjoy that; with a warning against too much looking back. Instead of getting nostalgic about the past, it’s more a plea for the present.”[3]

The above is quoted from the following:

Video below from The United States Army Band “Pershing’s Own”

Remembering the phenomenal musician, Neil Peart and all people affected by cancer.

Time Stand Still lyrics by Neil Peart.

Below – In memory of Neil: doug rappoport and friends

A couple of my very many FAVORITE PERFORMANCES bY


Like most of us, I never had a chance to meet or speak with Neil.
However, his artistry, spirit and talent endures and continues to amaze and inspire.

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  1. Love the meaning behind this song. Indeed we need to stop/pause and reflect. Moments are quickly gone in a flash. I loved that about Neil, he always seemed to live in the present.

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