What to Expect With Chemotherapy

Cancer treatments – chemotherapy

A friend is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment for their diagnosis of cancer.  Their experience has reminded me of some things that I have not thought about in a while.

First of all, I have not experienced chemotherapy personally, however I have witnessed chemotherapy treatments with several people who were and who are very close to me.

If possible and if not counterproductive, I believe that information about the process of chemotherapy is very important for each patient to understand beforehand.  I would definitely want to know what to expect and anything that might happen throughout the treatment process.  I also realize that too much information can cause problems in certain situations.  My mother was very anxious about her treatments and providing an abundance of information about potential side effects would not have been helpful for her.

Consequently, I have decided to add some information and links below that I have found informative and helpful.  If you are like me and want as much information as possible, then check out the links below concerning chemotherapy.  If you think this will make you more anxious, then just ignore the following.

I will link to this post on my Cancer web page for the information below concerning chemotherapy.

Side Effects of Chemotherapy

The video below if from Cancer.Net

Chemo – What It Is, How It Helps

The link above from Cancer.org

Preparing for Chemo Treatments: Questions To Ask

The link above is from Chemocare.com

Chemotherapy to Treat Cancer

The link above from Cancer.gov

Side Effects of Chemotherapy

Possible Side Effects

The two links above from Cancer.Net

Caring for the Symptoms of Cancer and Its Treatment

The link above from Cancer.Net

When to Call the Doctor During Cancer Treatment

The link above is from Cancer.Net


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