Alive – Author’s Comments

 I hope you will read the poem Alive before reading my comments.  My comments will reveal more information than I want you to have before reading the poem itself.

For Those we Love

From my experience, we carry those we love with us; both when they are alive and also after their death. We may carry them with happiness while living and then perhaps sometimes with sadness and the pain of loss after they have gone from our lives.

When I was a child, visiting a cemetery sometimes felt strange and vast, and at times, almost abstract. Now that I’m older and I’ve lost people I’ve loved, lived with and been close to, visiting a cemetery has changed to include an abundance of new and sometimes uncharted emotions.

Sometimes I may be the only person in a cemetery when visiting a grave-site. Other times however, I chance to see someone else in the same cemetery, either close by or off in the distance, placing flowers and reflecting. In these moments, I often wonder who these people are, who they are visiting and what their stories might be. This poem is for those we love and carry with us, who have departed this life.

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